Hello, my name is

Paul Krishnamurthy

I am software developer.



My name is Paul Krishnamurthy. I am a self-taught, passionate software developer studying in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. I have worked in multiple areas of computer science but have narrowed my focus towards web development, focusing in Node.js, Meteor.js, React.js and React Native. I love working with javascript primarily, and am continuously learning more every day!

Feel free to get in touch with me for hire or if you would like to know more about what I do!


Listed below are some of the projects I have built.

Python, Pygame

The Third Element

A small scale RPG game written in Python3 for the ICS3U final project.

Javascript, HTML5 Canvas


A jQuery library for creating beautiful dynamic or static visual effects.


Cosion Space

A live coding environment for collaborative code writing.

Web Development

Paragon Molds

The website for Paragon Molds, an automotive industry molding company.

Javascript, jQuery


A jQuery plugin for customizable image magnification.



A social web application to showcase the movies you have seen and organize movies into various collections.

Java, Swing, Graphics 2D

Flappy Bird

A pixel-perfect replica of the arcade game Flappy Bird.

Javascript, Extensions

Chrome Quirks

A fun chrome extension for injecting CSS into any website.

Python, Pygame

Ubuntu Splash 2.0

A microsoft paint clone written in python3 using the pygame graphics library.


Pokemon Arena

A text-based Pokemon battle game, highlighting Object Oriented Programming in Java, made for the ICS4U midterm assignment.

Web Development, Javascript


A web app to improve reading and pronunciation skills. Created and awarded the "Re-invent the reading experience" prize at Hack Western 2015



A JQuery plugin to display sleek, instant notifications, confirmations or prompts inside a given element.


CLLC Operations Manual

The operations manual for CLLC Inc.

Web Development

Texas Road Studios

The website for Texas Road Studios, a home recording studio in Amherstburg, Ontario.

Java, Javascript, Node.js


Created a replica of the popular game Slither.io as a desktop application.

Meteor.js, React.js, Node.js


Blink is a service for connecting students and businesses in the York area.


Listen below is my professional work experience, including volunteer work.

Toronto, Canada


Working as a full-stack developer, building web and mobile applications using Meteor.js, React.js, React Native and node.js.

London, UK


Worked as a full stack developer, primarily working with Ember.js, building Squelo, the talent network.


Website Developer

Designed and developed websites, both frontend and backend, for multiple private businesses.

Windsor, Ontario

Massey Hacks 1 & 2

Mentor and organizer for Canada's first ever Highschool Hackathons.

St. Clair College

Lifeguard, Instructor

Worked as lifeguard and instructor, teaching and assesing people in various water skills.

Leamington, Essex

Corn Detasseling

Worked a corn detasseling season for do Forno's Corn Crew.


Feel free to shoot me a message using the form below or at paul@paulkr.com.